Business Intelligence For All

Shiloh has evolved using advanced technology, statistics and science, to deliver a single BI platform that can be used across the entire organization. Any department, every skill level, all insights.

At Shiloh we think it should be easy to get the most accurate information available to make decisions quickly and move your business forward. We are dedicated to our customers… dedicated to providing the most innovative, cutting-edge technology to master your data. Our solutions provide ACTIONABLE insights.

Today’s BI encompasses both traditional analytics and new, innovative technology. The most successful BI solution is one that is adopted company-wide… one that can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual user. Shiloh meets the demands of business and IT by combining all data, all people, all BI disciplines in one user interface.

Get a more comprehensive view of your business than ever before!

Supply Chain

Forecast with perspective. With better retail intelligence, you’ll be better-positioned to optimize inventory and ensure compliance with retailer requirements. Utilize daily, weekly, and ad-hoc reviews of in-store counts, root causes of out-of-stocks, demand analysis and more.

  • Replenishment Accuracy
  • In-Stock/Inventory Levels
  • Compliance: PO Tracking, OTIF, Deductions
  • New Item Performance
  • Alerts for Significant Changes and Anomalies

Category Management 

It’s an ongoing challenge to decode the drivers of category performance. A mountain of available data from disparate sources only adds to the complexity of the job. Shiloh makes it easier to connect store traits with 3rd party demographics, POS data, weather forecasts and more.

  • Space Analysis
  • Modular Performance by Vendor
  • Shopper Insights Through Store Traits
  • Promotion Analysis
  • Trait Clusters – Maximize Product Placement


With enhanced mining capabilities and store-level specifics, Shiloh is a powerful sales management tool for retail teams worldwide. Data views and customizable dashboards allow you to manage the depth of your analysis. From store-level detail to cross-retailer comparisons, Shiloh can help you quantify every insight.

  • Price Elasticity
  • Promotion Performance
  • Distribution/Attribution
  • Item/Location Sales Trends
  • Cross Retailer Comparisons


Keep your finger on the pulse of business – while equipping the entire team with one of the most powerful BI solutions on the market.  One look, and you’ll quickly discover a product that’s packed with tools designed to maximize margins and drive business forward.

  • Executive Summaries & Custom Dashboards to identify KPIs
  • Alerts for data-driven decision making
  • Custom visualization, Heat Maps, geo mapping capabilities – tracking at a glance
  • One tool for the entire team
  • Leverage best practices and insights across multiple retailers

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