XL Connect is our solution for quick adoption and ease of use,
providing seamless integration from Excel to the users’ data.

XL ConnectTM    

XL Connect is Shiloh’s exclusive, user friendly data visualization solution. This powerful Excel add-in allows you to access, consolidate and analyze your data all from within Excel’s familiar environment, then publish and schedule your documents for distribution by the ShilohNEXT platform. XL Connect is the perfect choice for easy user adoption, requiring less training due to Excel’s popularity among business professionals.


  • All in One Place: Migrate data, build and schedule reports, manage master data files and more in a single, familiar environment
  • Easier User Adoption/Quick to train
  • Integrate with subscripted data sources
  • View your loading status
  • Utilize file change features: checking in and out, locking and approvals via email
  • One-Click access to your data pipeline Master Data Management Features
  • Easily refresh/edit reports on the fly
  • Ability to share with other XL Connect Users
  • Unlimited queries in a workbook (within Excel limits)
  • But with ShilohNEXT, you aren’t exclusively limited to using our visualization tool, XL Connect. You can simultaneously integrate any of your current visualization tools. More.. 

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