ShilohNEXT gives you the power and flexibility to visualize your data exactly how you want.
With our exclusive Excel plug-in, XL Connect, and support for unlimited BI tools of your choice,
ShilohNEXT has everything you need to get a clear picture of your data.


ShilohNEXT Visualization delivers easy integration with complex software like Qlik, PowerBI and Tableau, while our exclusive XL Connect plug-in allows you to access and visualize your data directly within Microsoft Excel. With support for simultaneous visualization across multiple platforms, ShilohNEXT ensures you always have the right tool for the job.

ShilohNEXT™ XL Connect

XL Connect gives you the power to access and visualize data in the world’s most popular Bl tool: Microsoft Excel.


  • Excel remains the most widely-used analytics tool among business professionals
  • Building upon a familiar platform ensures quick and easy user adoption
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Bring Your Own Technology

Seamlessly integrate with any BI tool of your choice, whether you prefer standard Excel capabilities or need more complex visualization platforms like Qlik, Tableau or PowerBI.


  • Choose the right BI tool for every job
  • Easily integrate with your platform of choice
  • Select a unique tool for every team: no limits
  • Maximize your analytics with complete flexibility

Have your own visualization tool you want to integrate with your data? Contact us today to see how we can help!

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