API Certification Partner Program Highlights:

  • The Walmart Luminate API certification program is intended to provide new and existing Walmart Luminate clients with a list of 3rd party partners that have successfully earned the Walmart Luminate API Partner Certification and has a proven history of working with Walmart Luminate APIs.
  • Each certified partner company was diligently selected, so suppliers can choose and trust the right one for their business.
  • The participating companies have successfully completed the Walmart Luminate API Certification requirements and have a proven history of working with Walmart Luminate APIs.

What does this mean for you?

  • Trusted Expertise: You can trust Shiloh as a Certified API partner to meet your Walmart Luminate API Integration needs with the utmost expertise and reliability.
  • Speed: Our advanced capabilities allow us to rapidly load and validate your Walmart Luminate API feeds and you to get to ROI faster.
  • Access to Cutting Edge Solutions: Shiloh will continue to bring you access to cutting edge technology solutions, including advanced data capabilities and interactive reporting software so that you can enhance your bottom line and propel your entire enterprise to the NEXT level.

As a trusted Walmart Luminate API Certified Partner, Shiloh stands ready to help suppliers navigate the new landscape of retail data with the superior service and innovative solutions they’ve come to expect.

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“I’m extremely proud of the Shiloh team for earning certification so early in the process. This process began over a year ago with the engineering to support the scale and speed of Walmart Luminate API data flows. Our team adjusted Shiloh processes to match the monthly cadence with Luminate’s release changes. This great engineering allows us to implement customers on Walmart Luminate in record time with daily data delivery.

-Britt Fogg, Shiloh Technologies CEO

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