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Shiloh Technologies is a company that specializes in maximizing the value of data using cutting-edge technology and deriving meaningful information at the enterprise level. Shiloh’s main focus is to save you from manually loading, validating, cleaning, organizing, and loading your data into an application. Helping you easily access the consolidation and optimization of all your data, from photos to POS to weather is the key to planning and helps you to be ready for business. With Shiloh Technologies, you can save a lot of time by letting us use technology to work through your data.


Company’s Operation

Shiloh Technologies works with both traditional methods and innovative technology to comprehensively lay out your business so that you can view it in all dimensions. Using well-optimized data, you can optimize and spread your wings. Shiloh Technologies makes it possible for you to better understand your business with the retail intelligence provisions. Thanks to ShilohNEXT’s application of science and technology, your data is integrated into one secure platform, which makes it easier to analyze and get meaningful information.

Utilizing this optimized data is easy since the Business Intelligence tools you can integrate are so numerous. Data analysis and solution provisions target every individual in your company’s team. Solutions are tailor-made to accommodate the needs of your business. Choosing to work with Shiloh Technologies allows you to:

  • Save time and use it to extend your business horizons  
  • Gain access to workable solutions that are tailor-made for your needs
  • Develop your business with innovation-oriented applications and solutions
  • Master your data with cutting-edge technology.


Driving your business forward

Having our data science experts on your side helps you drive your business forward and maximize your margins. Using catalogs with data classified into different interconnected units makes it possible to improve the productivity of your team members by assimilating different catalogs within the business. Once the information has been broken down and optimized, you can now make sense of the intelligent data. Sales management tools benefit team members with invaluable insights and improve their productivity in the business. In-depth data analysis is enabled by customized data and application of innovative methods. You can now monitor the progress based on accurate parameters. 

You gain access to invaluable data services that ensure security and confidentiality. With a cloud operating system, you are assured of data security and the ability to easily maneuver between different connected applications. It is also possible to gain access to services and applications available with your mobile phone. This ensures flexibility and possibility to keep up with the progress of your business from wherever you are.

To enhance your flexibility and productivity

Having the ability to use the best applications to visualize your data is as essential as having precise and accurate information. With ShilohNEXT, you can use your tools, along with all necessary applications to best visualize your data. It is even possible to simultaneously visualize your data on several integrated applications like:

  • Standard EXCEL
  • Tableau 
  • Power BI

These applications are business intelligence tools that enhance their primary benefit of visualization. When working with these applications, ShilohNEXT allows your company to better integrate BI tools in many different working locations.



Technology and innovation simplify tasks that used to be time-consuming and energy draining. Now you can let tech-savvy professionals handle your data while you focus on driving your business forward.

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